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Just Rosy, Just Right

Roses Transparent

"Everyday people admire luxury fashion statements as a form of art.


I like to create my own statements that catches the same admiration and push it to new heights"!  - JR

As founder of JRprosLLC. I transformed my first company in New Jersey to an international fashion power house.  My team and I have become the think tank that organically creates content through speaking engagements, designer consulting, brand development, visual merchandising, and stylistic branded campaigns through video content. JRpros LLC. collaborators range from designers, photographers, architects, profound industry writers, set designers, interior product designers, fashion tech designers, artists, genius and the infinite. 


JRprosLLC. introduces an experiential, transformation approach to presesting these collective works through vision, passion and drive. 





JRprosLLC. focuses on imagination and original ideas in production and

artistic work.

We generate and recognize ideas, alternatives and possibilities that could be useful for problem solving, communicating with others and entertaining others to promote and acquire consumer sales in the rhythm of fashion by interchanging the fashion industry.


Thanks to our vast global network of media and sponsors, we help transform events into content-rich experiences that connect with consumers in innovative and lasting ways.

They are techniques to be creative beyond the ordinary and JRpros LLC. embraces originality as well as creates unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas.

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Fashion - Prenuer

Magnified Grass

Providing a sense of variety, culture & challenge to help others continue a passionate approach during their business development process.

Inspiring, educating, and elevating brands to be more successful and accept the challenge.

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Rosy motivates others with a driven ability that materializes a concept to develop the clients’ vision through video and photo content creation.

“People’s needs trigger actions, innovation manifests your image, and emotional value leads to fruitful results"

Fashion Spreads

Understanding the cosmopolitan marketplace, we differentiated luxury

product that align with the economic position of the region.


  • Fashion Styling / Consulting 

  • Editorial

  • Campaign

  • Catalog 

  • Brand integration 

  • Strategic Marketing Strategies 

  • Castings

  • Product Development Publicity

  • Social Integration 

  • Motivational Speaker 



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